training, licensing & ordination overview

Training Motivation:

Training is a significant priority to the CLM leadership team. There is a void in the Life Celebration world of proper training done with excellence and accountability. We are committed to seeing that change. Training is mandatory for everyone who is licensed by CLM. No training, no licensing.

Our required wedding certification training takes place live online over two days. The course has two distinct modules. The first is the acquaintance module, where we will explain in detail how licensing works in the Province of Ontario and with CLM. The second day is the administration module where we equip you to be successful in serving couples in your demographic.

"Wayne and Rosanne are a ‘class act’! Their training sessions are so polished and effective that they create a terrific learning experience. The sessions flow, but are power packed…..they provide high level learning but are engaging and pleasant to be a part of. As a professional trainer, I know that this is no easy task!

Congratulations Wayne and Rosanne for providing such high quality learning opportunities supported by very effective resource material!"

Susan Croft BA Psych, Bed., ACC, CTC

Training Topics:

  • Understanding the mission, and passion of CLM.
  • Review of the values, faith statements and philosophy of CLM.
  • Instruction on licensing with CLM and the province of Ontario.
  • Teaching/Training on how to function as a licensed Officiant in Ontario.
  • Filling in the marriage license. 
  • Filling in the marriage registry.
  • Protocol and procedure for consultations.
  • A brief introduction to marketing.


According to the marriage act, all clergy must be registered with the marriage office through a government recognized religious body. Celebrating Life Ministries being a recognized body will submit all the required paperwork on behalf of our clergy. The application for registration is completed on day one of your training. Marriage Act Excerpt:

Who may solemnize marriage

20 (1)  No person shall solemnize a marriage unless he or she is authorized by or under section 24 or is registered under this section as a person authorized to solemnize marriage.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.3, s. 20 (1).


Ordination/appointment is a requirement of the marriage act. Marriage Act Excerpt:

Who may be registered

(3)  No person shall be registered unless it appears to the Minister,

    (a)  that the person has been ordained or appointed according to the rites and usages of the religious body to which he or she belongs, or is, by the rules of that religious body, deemed ordained or appointed;

    (b)  that the person is duly recognized by the religious body to which he or she belongs as entitled to solemnize marriage according to its rites and usages;

    (c)  that the religious body to which the person belongs is permanently established both as to the continuity of its existence and as to its rites and ceremonies; and

    (d)  that the person is resident in Ontario or has his or her parish or pastoral charge in whole or in part in Ontario; provided that in the case of a person who is in Ontario temporarily and who, if resident in Ontario, might be registered under this section, the Minister may register him or her as authorized to solemnize marriage during a period to be fixed by the Minister.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.3, s. 20 (3).

As you can see from the above excerpt from the marriage act, ordination is a requirement by the marriage office. Each of the 1100 recognized religious bodies in Ontario set their own standards and guidelines for ordination. To learn more about Celebrating Life Ministries standards and guidelines visit our page on ordination.

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