CLM Members

The following is a current, accurate list of the members of the Celebrating Life Ministries Team. We have listed beside each name the region they serve, not the actual city they live in. When researching a name on the Service Ontario site, you will need to look up a name in accordance to the actual city. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding any one of our members, or you wish to report people who may be using the CLM name fraudulently.

If you would like to lookup one of our team in their region, click here.

Training Legend: WO - Wedding Officiant   FC - Funeral Celebrant   NLC - New Life Celebrant

Aaron Markel Rockland Area WO
Abram Wiens Wellesley  
Adam Belchamber Ottawa Area WO
Adele Heins Kitchener Area WO
Aisa Lagleva      
Al Harder South Central Ontario WO, FC
Al Howse Durham Region WO, FC, NLC
Al McCausland Greater Ottawa Area WO, NLC
Alex Kloosterman Peterborough  
Alex Schiappa GTA & Golden Horseshoe Area WO, FC, NLC
Alexander Beatty Arthur Area WO
Alison Joutsi   Newmarket Area WO
Amalia (Cynthia) Raven Toronto & GTA WO
Amy Duff GTA/Simcoe County/Niagara WO
Amy Lee Amy Lee Kitchener WO
Andre Pilon Arnprior Area WO
Andre Reda St Thomas
Andy Parisien   Grimsby  
Angela Dees St. Thomas Area WO
Angela Giles Greater Ottawa Area WO, FC, NLC
Angela Todd-Anderson Durham Region WO
Angela Donald York Rgion WO
Andrew Dow      
Ann Mulholland (Kaplan) Greater Toronto Area WO
Anna Anandarajan Unionville
Anna-Maria Iati North Bay WO
Anne Ison Markham
Anthony Choi Markham Area WO
April Campbell Greater London Area WO
Ashley Vititoe Peterborough/Kawarthas WO
Ato Mensa York/Halton Area WO
Audrey Brumell Durham Region & GTA WO
Barbara Annas Ottawa WO, NLC
Barbara Bilboe Niagara Region WO, NLC, FC
Bavly Kost Markham
Betty Jean Bumbacco Windsor - Essex Area WO
Beverly Hoefs Guelph Area WO
Bill Denning Bill Denning Rodney WO
Bonafacio Tamayo Mississauga Area WO
Brad Lehman Mississauga WO
Bradley Gibson Bradley Gibson Whitby WO
Brenda Nurse Perth County Area WO
Brenda Richardson Rostock Area WO
Brent Helwig Guelph Area WO
Brian Childs Unionville
Brianna Miller Cambridge Area WO
Bruce Trigg GTA & Niagara WO
Bryan Pierce   Cambridge Area WO
Caleb Smikle Caleb Smikle Greater Toronto Area WO
Cameron Field      
Candace Hawke   Orillia  
Candace Hemsley Oxford & Norfolk Counties WO
Candy Davidson Schwan Eastern Ontario WO
Carly McLeod Hamilton Area WO
Carol Wheatley Corbyville Area WO
Carol Willems Ottawa Area WO, FC, NLC
Carolyn Albanese (Ferlito) York Region, Toronto and GTA WO
Carolyn Westoll Hamilton Area WO, FC, NLC
Carrie Mayhew Durham Region/GTA WO
Caterina Giovane Greater Toronto Area WO
Catharine Townend Quinte and Surrounding Area  
Catherine Kucharczuk Catherine Kucharczuk Greater Toronto Area WO
Cathy Davis Niagara Region WO, FC, NLC
Cemoye Carrol Greater Mississauga Area WO
Chantal Jerome Sudbury, Manitoulin, North Shore WO
Charles Muela Ottawa Area  
Cheryl Bak-Nielsen Cheryl Bak-Nielsen Windsor Area WO
Cheryll Carruthers Barrie Area WO
Chigaza Hanum Niagara & GTA WO
Christian Brydges Ottawa Area WO
Christine Banks Fayarchuk Burlington Area WO
Christopher Annett Chris Annett Waterloo WO
Christopher Couper   Chatham Area WO
Christopher McCarthy Christopher McCarthy Chatham Area WO
Christopher Power Georgetown Area WO
Christopher Schulthies Christopher Schulthies Mississauga Area WO
Clifton Grant Greater Toronto Area WO
Clifton Rodney North York
Colleen Gruenwald Georgian Bay/Grey County WO
Colleen Wilcox Lindsay Area WO
Cornelius Schmitt   Aylmer Area  
Craig McCallum Craig McCallum Toronto WO
Craig Logan Carrying Place WO
Cynthia Roveda Sturgeon Falls Area WO
Dan Vanderveer Huntsville/Muskoka Area WO, FC
Dan McCabe Port Perry
Daniela DeFoe Aurora Area WO
Danielle Wilhelm Stratford Area WO
Danielle Roy North Bay Area WO
Danni Liang Concord Area WO
Daralynn D'Angelo North Bay Region WO
Darryl Hartwick Greater Hamilton Area WO, FC, NLC
Dave Berdan Wardsville
Dave Miller Aylmer
David Huctwith David Huctwith Mississauga WO
David Hutzel Northumberland & PE Counties WO, FC, NLC
David Price Brockville & 1000 Islands Area WO, NLC
David Rektor London Area WO, FC, NLC
David Tollefson East York
David Harrison David Harrison Niagara On The Lake Area WO
David Kuiper Chesley
David (Bruce) Mackay   Corbyville WO
David Rogers      
Davin Pennant North York Area WO
Dawn Quantrell Quinte Area WO, FC, NLC
Deb Myers Deb Myers Kingston Area WO, NLC
Debbie Savic Simcoe & Grey Counties WO
Debbie Uniac London, Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford WO
Debbie Van Dyk Niagara Area WO
Deborah Beathune Muskoka Area WO
Deborah Bird GTA & Muskoka Area WO
Deborah Miller Kawartha Area WO, NLC
Deborah Waddell Windsor & Essex County WO, FC
Deborah Walker Deborah Walker Kitchener Area WO
Deirdre Ganley-Drouillard Southwestern Ontario WO
Delvian (Dee) Metcalf GTA & Kawartha Lakes Area WO, NLC
Denise Ketching Barrie & GTA WO
Denise Alleyne Denise Alleyne Ajax WO
Denise O'Connell      
Dennis Sobey Dennis Sobey St. Charles WO
Derek Schwartzentruber Greater London Area WO, FC, NLC
Devin O'Haire Prince Edward County WO
Devon Blackburn Serving Eastern Ontario WO
Diana Pinkney Port Stanley Area WO
Diane Kane Barrie Area WO, FC, NLC
Donald Howard Donald Howard Eganville Area WO
Donald Seale Donald Seale Brampton Area WO
Donna McManus Donna McManus Thames Valley Area WO, FC, NLC
Dora Yateman Bancroft & North Hastings WO, NLC
Dorcas Danso-Agyemang Dorcas Danso-Agyemang Etobicoke WO
Doris Van Den Eeckhout Doris Van Den Eeckhout Tillsonburg Area WO, NLC
Dorothy Quick-Macklin Cobourg to Napanee Area WO
Douglas Gowanlock Douglas Gowanlock Orillia WO
Douglas Harder Douglas Harder Waterloo Area WO
Douglas Helm Serving Kincardine, Wingham, Goderich  WO
Douglas Gillard Greater London Area WO
Dwayne Cottel Dwayne Cottel Dutton WO
Earla Pollard London Area WO
Eben Cadotte Chatham/Sarnia Area WO
Edye Cripps Edye Cripps Beamsville WO
Elizabeth McCallum Toronto WO
Elizabeth Foeller Durham Region (GTA) WO
Emily James Durham Region
Errin Dickins Simcoe County WO
Fay Vanden Beukel Niagara Area WO
Franck Kyungu   Sittsville  
Franz Neufeld Alymer
Gabriele Rienas GTA - Aurora - Newmarket Area WO
Gail Lutes Barrie Area
Gail Pelletier Gail Pelletier Birch Island Area WO
Gary Denniss Bracebridge
Gerrard MacIsaac Alymer WO
Gina Robbins Sarina Area WO
Glenda Hudgens Glenda Hudgens Roblin Area WO
Glenn Pringle Mississauga Area WO, FC, NLC
Gloria Brathwaite Durham Region & GTA WO
Graham Ghent Mildmay
Gregg Lymer Greg Lymer Toronto Area WO
Hank Redecop Vienna
Hanwen (Kevin) Cao Hanwen Cao Hamilton Area WO
Hazel Shanks Durham Region WO, NLC
Heinrich Dyck   Elora  
Heinrich Neufeld Leamington
Helen Quick Windsor/Essex/Chatham Area WO
Henry Klassen Wheatley
Henry Penner Dresden
Henry Schmitt Aylmer
Henry Wiebe Port Burwell
Herbert Nye North Bay
Herbert Lloyd   Eden Area  
Herman Bueckert   Eden  
Hettie Szeto Toronto Area WO
Hoi Fai Alvin Chan   Toronto Area WO
Howie McCourt Cobourg Area WO
Jackie Theriault   Corunna WO
Jacob Dyck   Wellend  
Jacob Hiebert   Newton Area  
Jacobo Knelsen Aylmer
Jacqueline Gilliard Jacqueline Gillard Lambton Shores WO
James Felder James Felder London Area WO
James Williams Grand Bend, Stratford, Waterloo, & Guelph WO, FC
Jamie Rioux Chatham-Kent, London, Windsor and Sarnia Area WO
Jan Nace Elgin, Southwold, Middlesex WO
Jason Crawford      
Jared-Roland Dufour      
Jay Haddad Jay Haddad Toronto Area WO
Jeff Watson Muskoka Area WO
Jennifer Clarke Singh Brampton
Jennifer Courtney-Nuyens Jennifer Courtney-Nuyens Dorchester WO
Jennifer Duff Georgian Triangle Region WO, FC, NLC
Jennifer Gilbert Guelph/Wellington County WO
Jennifer Giles Ottawa & The Valley WO
Jennifer Priestley Golden Horseshoe/Niagara Area WO
Jennifer Ramsay Jennifer Ramsay Sault Ste. Marie Area WO
Jennifer Lo Greater Toronto Area & York Region WO
Jeremiah Vijeyaratnam Markham WO
Jeremy Golan Jeremy Golan Ajax WO
Jesin Kapur Greater Toronto Area WO
Jessica Marion Burlington/GTA WO
Jessica Mills Greater London Area WO, NLC
Jessica Tone Whitby Area WO
Jessie Landin Newmarket Area WO
Jessie Schwab Windsor - Essex County WO, NLC
Jesus Lalic Brampton Area WO
Jillienne Currie Jillienne Currie Ottawa WO
Jim Hetherington Cambridge Area WO, FC
Joanne Langiano Joanne Langiano Greater Newmarket Area WO
Joanne Utter Joanne Utter Norwich Area WO
Jodi Primmer Sarnia/Lambton Area WO
Jody Carr Northumberland Area WO
Joe Paonessa Joe Paonessa Smithville WO
Johan Dyck Johan Dyck Aylmer WO
Johan Enns Johan Enns Vienna WO
John Baynham South-Central ON WO
John Charbonneau Renfrew Area WO
John Janzen Tillsonburg
John Mathew Mississauga
Jonathon Ferrier   Fordwich Area  
Jonathon Langridge Kitchener WO
Jordan Richardson Barrie Area WO, FC, NLC
Jorge Lee   Toronto Area WO
Joselito Pacheco Joselito Pacheco Scarborough WO
Joseph (son) Paonessa Joey Paonessa Smithville WO
Josephine DeMarco Sault Ste. Marie Area WO
Josh Anderson Peterborough
Josiany Reis Toronto
Joyce Hamelin Ottawa Area WO, NLC
Judith Raymond Judith Raymond Wallaceburg Area WO
Jule Morgan Russell Area WO, NLC
Julio Martinez Greater Toronto Area WO
Kandy Webb Kandy Webb Wilsonville Area WO
Karen Heppner Karen Heppner Toronto WO
Karen Vecchio Karen Vecchio St. Thomas Area WO
Karin Czyruk Durham/Kawartha Lakes Region WO
Karolynn Lacroix Karolynn Lacroix St. Catherines WO
Katherine Chartrand Timmins WO
Kelly Quinton Kelly Quinton Bracebridge WO
Kelly Wilson Quinte Area WO
Kelvin (Pong) Kwok Greater Toronto Area WO
Ken Davis Markham
Kendra Pierroz Burlington/Hamilton Area WO, NLC
Kenneth Coulter Kenneth Coulter Oakville WO
Kevin Cato GTA WO
Kim Cartmell Niagara Area WO
Kim Smith Kim Smith Newmarket Area WO
Kim Wallace Burlington Area WO
Kimberly Gosling Windsor WO
Kimberly McGuire      
Kyle Rolph St. Thomas
Larry Wilson Windsor
Laura Flynn Sault Ste. Marie WO
Laura Hackett Kingston Area WO
Laurie Dickson Greater Hamilton Region WO
Laurie Gauthier      
Lenore Farrell Niagara & GTA Region WO, NLC
Leo Wu Greater Ottawa Area WO
Leslee Wills      
Leslie Addae Greater Toronto Area WO
Leslie Blair Leslie Blair London WO
Leslie Coffrin Tottenham WO
Liana Patterson Kawartha Lakes Area WO
Linda Lau Greater Toronto Area WO
Linda Wong Greater Toronto Area WO
Lindsay Voldock Greater Ottawa & Arnprior Area WO
Lindsey Neely Lindsey Neely Toronto Area WO
Lisa Carter Ottawa Area WO
Lisa Woodiwiss Strathroy-Caradoc Area WO
Lisa Pearson Simcoe County WO, FC, NLC
Lloyd Renken Greater London Area WO
Lois Galgani Hamilton Region WO
Lori Blake St. Catharines WO
Lori Clipperton Stratford Region WO, NLC
Lori Robertshaw Orangeville/Dufferin Area WO, NLC
Lorie Blundon Lorie Blundon Kawartha Lakes Area WO, NLC, FC
Louise Richer Kingston Area WO
Luciano Locatelli Greater Toronto Area WO
Luis Pinto Barrie Area WO
Luke Davidson South Western Ontario Region WO, NLC
Lyja Glanville      
Lynn Culley Essex/Chatham-Kent Region WO
Lynn Walker Leeds, Grenville, Ottawa Area WO
Maggie Shields Peel Region WO, FC, NLC
Malinda Noormohamed Mississauga Area WO
Marc Grenier Marc Grenier Barrie WO
Marcia Marchant Marcia Marchant Windsor Area WO
Maria Maille   Temagami Area WO
Marianne Pelletier Greater Toronto Area WO
Marie Brydges Ottawa Area WO
Marie Francis Ajax Area WO
Marie-Nicole Stirling Grafton Area WO
Mark Grice Caledon\Orangeville Area WO
Mark Roberts Listowell Area WO
Mark Stenabaugh Toronto Area WO
Mark Lyon Barrie Area WO
Mary Anne Rielly Durham/York Regions WO, NLC
Mary-Ann Hendrikx Greater London Area WO, FC, NLC
Mary Beth Plumpton Mary Beth Plumpton Greater Milton Area WO, FC
Matthew Klumpenhouwer Gowanstown
Meghan Sanderson Sudbury Area WO
Melissa McDowall Guelph-Wellington County WO
Melissa Tourangeau Renfrew Area WO
Mendisa Carless Milton WO
Michael Bethke Toronto WO
Michael Crane      
Michael Overdulve Michael Overdulve London Area WO
Michael Phan Michael Phan Scarborough Area WO
Michela Febbraro   Aweres Township  
Michelle Clifford-Middel Oro-Medonte WO, NLC
Michelle Slota Michelle Slota Toronto WO
Moira Taylor Maitland Area WO
Monika Cook Kingston/Napanee Region WO, FC
Monika Trahan (Lage) Sault Ste Marie Area WO
Moses Akingbade Moses Akingbade Scarborough WO
Murray Scanlon Murray Scanlon St. Pauls Area WO
Nadia Pruett Madawaska Area WO
Nancy Boate Port Hope WO
Nancy Loveless Town of Blue Mountains
Nancy McCosh Greater London Area WO
Nancy Tillberg Nancy Tilberg Slate River Area WO
Nick Stankovic Stouffville WO
Nora Kraushaar Wolfe Island?Kingston Area WO
Owen Hinds Guelph Area WO
Patricia Farrugia Patricia Farrugia Stoney Creek WO
Patricia Routhier Greater Ottawa Area WO, FC, NLC
Patrick Anderson Oshawa WO
Paul Dougherty Exeter WO
Paul Fletcher Niagara Region WO
Paul MacKay Belleville
Paul Veeke Paul Veeke Strathroy Area WO
Paula-Anne DeLeon      
Pedro Neufeld Moorefield
Pete Olver South Western Ontario Region WO, FC, NLC
Pete Siemens Tillsonburg
Peter Klassen Straffordville
Peter McDonald Peter McDonald Timmins Area WO, NLC
Phil Beals Greater Ottawa WO, NLC, FC
Piko Mbolekwa Durham Region WO
Priya Ali Burlington WO, NLC
Rachel Cornejo   Braeside  
Rachelle Leslie Rachelle Leslie Windsor Area WO, FC
Randy Raycroft Barrie & GTA WO
Rebecca Bystryk-Ewen Windsor/Essex County WO
Richard Brandl      
Richard Moore York Region WO
Rick Milne Rick Milne Alliston Area WO
Rita Spizzirri Greater Toronto Area WO
Rita Trecroce Rita Trecroce Sault Ste Marie Area WO
Robert Aziz Robert Aziz Toronto Area WO
Robert Campbell Blyth Area WO
Robbie Kelly Greater Brantford Area WO
Robert Burke St.Catherines WO
Robert Mayer Halton Hills WO
Robynne Smith Robynne Smith Trenton Area WO
Rohan Bansie Ottawa WO
Ron Finlay Toronto & GTA WO, NLC
Ron Van Holst Toronto
Rosanne Mantesso Rosanne Mantesso Welland Area WO
Rosanne Prevett Greater London Area WO, FC, NLC
Russell Woodhouse Russell Woodhouse Wasaga Beach WO
Ruth Brothers Ruth Brothers Toronto WO
Ruth Hall Niagara, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton WO
Ruth Harrett Greater Elliot Lake WO, FC, NLC
Ruth Malinowski Ruth Malinowski Kitchener Area WO
Sam Chung Richmond Hill
Sandra Hylton Greater Peel Area WO, FC
Sandra Marko Tiny Area WO
Sandra Sutherland-Byers Thunder Bay Area WO, NLC
Sandra Whyte Fergus/Elora Area WO, NLC
Santina (Sandy) Smardenka Santina Smardenka Wasaga Beach Area WOT
Scott Aitchison Huntsville WO
Shane Jansz Hamilton WO
SharaLee Foster PEC and Quinte Region WO
Shari-Ann Hamm Souther Ontario WO, FC, NLC
Sharon Kelly Sharon Kelly Barrie Area WO
Sharon Schwass Grey/Bruce County WO
Sharyn Ready Ottawa Area WO
Shawn Pearce-Chambers Shawn Pearce-Chambers Durham Region WO
Shirley Lamarre Pickering Area WO
Sholla Lampkin Sholla Lampkin Whitby WO
Sidney Bater Elora
Sonia Gravendick Durham Region & GTA WO
Stacey Robinson Stacey Robinson Buckhorn Area WO
Stefania Bratucci Stefania Bartucci Simcoe County/York Region WO
Stephan Pudlo Stephan Pudlo Burlington Area WO
Stephen Robinson London Area WO
Steve Way Port Robinson Area WO
Steven France      
Sue Olver South Western Ontario Region WO
Summer Faoro Summer Faoro Tillsonburg WO
Susan Powell Blue Mountains WO
Susan Storr Susan Storr Sarnia Area WO
Susanna Ng Susanna Ng Toronto Area WO
(Marsha) Suzette Thompson Kitchener Area WO
Tammie Schwartzentruber Greater London Area WO
Tammy Burrows Brantford Area WO
Tammy Ibey North Shore Lake Superior Area WO
Tarun Devgan Tarun Devgan Brampton & the GTA WO
Temi Apara Halton Region WO
Teresa Rosko Toronto to Niagara Area WO, FC, NLC
Theresa Merritt St. Catharines Area WO
Thomas Crerar Hamilton-Wellington Region WO
Thomas Linden London Area WO
Thomas Wilson Tecumseh
Tiffiny Corradetti Woodville WO
Tim Loveday Dundas WO
Tina Provencer Sudbury Area WO
Tonia Malott Grey/Bruce County WO
Tracey Curtis Guelph Region WO
Trudy Bricker Trudy Bricker Kitchener WO
Tyler Austin      
Valerie Allen Greater Ottawa Area WO
Vanessa Soulliere Vanessa Soulliere Kingsville Area WO
Veronica Utton Greater Toronto Area WO
Vicki Heacock Serving Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough, Durham  WO
Vincent Hall Greater Waterloo Area WO
Warren Chambers Peterborough Area WO
Wayne Prevett Greater London Area WO, FC, NLC
Wendy Murray Niagara (GTA/GHTA) WO
Wendy Musto Whitchurch-Stouffville WO
Wendy Onstein Brockville & Leeds Grenville Area WO, FC
Whitney Soong Whitney Soong Markham Area Wo
William Roberts Mississauga Area WO
William Young Greater Ottawa Area WO, FC, NLC
William Zdichavsky William Zdichavsky St Anns WO
Yves Lanthier      
Yvonne Manion Durham/Kawartha Lakes Region WO