legal facts

1. Who can perform a legal ceremony in the province of Ontario?

There seems to be a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding regarding who can be licensed to marry couples in the province of Ontario. The information is very clearly communicated on the province of Ontario website. Here is the actual wording directly from the provincial site.

"A civil marriage may be performed by an Ontario judge, justice of the peace or a municipal clerk under the authority of a marriage licence. Each municipality can offer civil marriage services and set its own fees. Contact your municipal office for more information.

A religious marriage is performed by a religious official of a recognized religious body who has received authorization from the Office of the Registrar General to perform marriages in Ontario.

Check the online list of authorized religious marriage officiants to ensure that your religious officiant is authorized to perform marriages in Ontario.

Learn more about getting married in Ontario"

It is clear. You can be licensed as a judge, justice of the peace, city clerk or religious official. Celebrating Life Ministries is a recognized religious body (see above) and it is under that authority that we licence people. Everyone who joins our team is classified as a religious official. 

2. Be aware of fraudulent Officiants.

3. Be aware of fraudulent religious bodies.

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