frequently asked questions

» Under what authority can you license people?

Celebrating Life Ministries is a government recognized religious denomination. As a denomination we can appoint people as clergy of our organization and subsequently grant licensing to officiate wedding ceremonies in the province of Ontario.

» How much does the training and certification cost?

The initial two-day training fee is $725.00. We also require each member to pay a annual membership fee. See our fees page for more information.

» Do you offer online training and certification?

Yes. Until further notice, all training will be live online using Zoom.  Once you are registered we will followup with the process of connection.

» What is the total membership fee?

See fees page for detail.

» Why is there an annual fee?

Instead of asking for a royalty for each event we ask you to pay a minimal upfront annual fee.

» How long before I'm licensed?

Licensing from the marriage office can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. We have no control over the marriage office and the process time.

» Does the training include Ordination?

The two-day training includes all the necessary steps, paperwork and requirements by the Ontario marriage office. Ordination takes place during the weekend course.

» What are the course hours?

9:00am - 12:30pm both days.

» How do I get weddings?

Every member of CLM is responsible to market, build and expand their own ministry. We are not a brokerage firm that sends weddings to you. It is up to you to be successful in growth.

» Will you license me to officiate a single wedding?

Yes. A temporary license is possible as long as the situation fits our criteria. For more information please email and request more information regarding a temporary license. Please include your name, your relationship to the Bride and Groom as well as the proposed wedding date.

» Do you offer additional training?

Yes. Through our sister organizations CCAOC and LCI we offer courses on personal and professional development.

» What resources are made available?

The basic course offers a great deal of information on getting started as a successful wedding clergy (Officiant) in Ontario. We offer resources to assist with couple connection, administration and simple marketing tips. The executive course is packed full of tools, tips, and countless resources including but not limited to your own seo ready website and Facebook page.

» Am I free to market myself?

Yes. CLM does not market any of its clergy. Only CLM created and edited websites are allowed. Websites are available to anyone who completes our two-day training course.

» What if I am unable to attend the training?

Please read our refund policy on our fees page.