quick facts

Some quick facts with regards to training, certification and licensing with Celebrating Life Ministries (CLM):

  • Everyone licensed by CLM works as clergy of CLM.
  • Everyone licensed by CLM must abide by all the standards and bylaws of CLM as required by CLM & the marriage act.
  • Each applicant must agree to the values and beliefs of CLM.
  • Violation of any of these standards will result in immediate removal of membership and licensing. 
  • There is a mandatory two-day training session before licensing and certification.
  • A current Police Report is required to complete the application process.
  • A reference will be required by each applicant.
  • CLM provides ordination and certification.
  • Ordination with CLM involves completing our mandatory reading list. Read more about ordination.
  • Membership with CLM includes; training, electronic resources, marriage registry pdf, ceremony scripts, access to our private Facebook group, member to member support, access to blogs and videos from founder Wayne Prevett and so much more.
  • A fully functional, SEO ready, website is included with the annual membership fee.
  • Certification with OAPWO is automatic upon completion of all training.
  • Training is mandatory.
  • There is an annual membership fee offered through two payment plans. See our fees page for detail.
  • The CLM agreement form will be required to be completed annually.
  • There is regular accountability and inspiration.